Maths Online & Mathletics

This week we are focusing on two maths websites that the ICT Captains use and like.

Cameron interviewed Tyler about Maths Online, a program that Tyler really enjoys using.

What’s Maths online?

It is a great website because it shows you a video of Maths problems. The picture below shows one of the videos.

What videos have you watched recently?

There are lots of different videos you can watch.  I watched one on doubles and multiplication.

Are there any things you would change about the site?

The only bad thing about the site is that you have to register and pay.  But, I think it’s a good thing to do in your own time at home.

Tyler interviewed Cameron about another maths website…

So, what if you don’t want to pay for a maths site? 

You could go on Mathletics which is paid for by the school.  Everyone at UPPS has a username and password that they can use at school and home.

What is Mathletics?

It’s a maths site where your teachers set tasks for you so you can practise things you have learnt.   Or, you can do live Mathletics with people around the globe and practise your fluency answering addition and subtraction problems.

What is your favourite maths website?

Do you know any other great maths sites?

6 thoughts on “Maths Online & Mathletics

  1. Hi everyone,

    This is the UPPS Tech Team blog. As you know, I am an I.C.T captain. Tyler and I did this review. I asked the questions for Maths Online which I just didn’t do because I had no idea what Maths Online is. Tyler asked me the questions for Mathletics.

    P.S: Stay cybersmart – read our other post about our Cybersmart visit from Lesley. 🙂

  2. Hello upps tech team,

    I have one maths site for us rainforest maths! I think that is a great maths site. I know some people know the site but it is great for maths. I think mathletics is where you learn lots about maths. My favourite maths site is mathletics because I learn lots. Rainforest maths is on mathletics.

    Bye for now Olivia

    p.S: Have a great weekend!! 🙂 🙂

  3. Hi Olivia,

    Thank you for the comment on our blog.

    We should put Rainforest Maths on the iPads. I’ve had a look at it and it is pretty good. Good one for suggesting it. Do you have any other suggestions? Please comment if you do!

    From Tyler
    ICT Captain

  4. Hi Olivia S,

    Thank you for commenting on our blog.

    We’ve checked out Rainforest Maths. It is a great website. I like Rainforest Maths and Mathletics. They are great for learning about maths. Thank you again for being our first person who wasn’t an I.C.T captain to comment.

    Bye 🙂 bye


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