I Write Words

This app review is brought to you by Cam and Tyler.

iWriteWell is a spelling and handwriting app that is best suited to younger grades.

Things We Like:
* You can write the letter that shows up
* You can play the alphabet song and learn the letters in the alphabet
* You can trace inside the letter and the crab shows you which way to trace
* It shows you a picture of the word you have spelt

Things We Would Change:
* Add more songs that help you learn how to spell words or about the letters in the alphabet
* Make it stricter when you write your letters. Sometimes it passes your letter even if you have not traced it carefully

We recommend this app for young grades and people learning to write letters correctly. It could also be helpful for people learning English as a second language. Most of the words are short words, have pictures to match and show you the order of how to write each letter.


Have you used this app before?  What did you think of it?


What other literacy apps do you like?


Comic Life

This week at school the senior classes have been using an app called Comic Life.  The classes have used it to organise and present their knowledge as part of this term’s Unit of Inquiry. 

We decided to purchase the Comic Life app because it can be used by students at all year levels and in all subject areas.  It is only limited by imagination!  It is the most expensive app we have bought so far ($5.49) but we feel it is going to be worth it.

Here’s what two of our ICT Captains, Cam and Tyler, had to say about it:

Comic Life is good for making comics without paper.  You can add photos from the camera roll.  This means you can take a photo of yourself or take a screen shot and edit it.  Comic Life can be used in the classroom in many ways.  Children can make posters or comics on lots of topics including how to be healthy or how to clean your teeth or even about Comic Life. 

Comic Life is a good app for literacy because you can add text in boxes or speech bubbles.  There are really cool text types that you can do and backgrounds as well.  You can colour the background by pressing the little ‘i’ button at the top of the screen.  Headings can be changed and different fonts, sizes and colours selected. 


Have you used Comic Life? What for?

Do you like reading and/or writing comics? Why?