Website review by ICT Captain Ebony.

Voki is a cool website that lets you build your own talking avatar.  You can use it to make a Voki for a blog, website, school work, homework, as a report or even for a blog post like this!

Voki is easy to use. First you choose a character (that’s the fun part).  You get to choose from all sorts of different faces and backgrounds.  When you are happy with how your Voki looks you type or say what you want it to say.

Voki is suitable for all ages.  At UPPS everyone from Grade 2 to Grade 6 have used it before.  With help, younger children could use it too.  The only bit they might need help with is the typing when the Voki needs to talk.

 I’ve made an example for you to look at.  Hope you like it!

Try Voki today!

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