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Website review by ICT Captains

Tagxedo is a website that creates a picture using words. You can use Tagxedo for a lot of things like a mind map or describing something or how you feel. Basically, you can use it for anything!  It’s a great way to present information in a different way.

Simply type in a selection of words on a chosen topic, chose a shape to represent the words, experiment a bit with the colours and you’re done!

This is an example of one we made about I.C.T at our school.


It is a pretty easy site to use.  Sometimes it is tricky to find the right link, but if you have a bit of a play around you can work it out.

Do you have any questions about Tagxedo?

What would you use Tagxedo for?

There are so many possibilities!

One thought on “Tagxedo Website Review

  1. How awesome is Tagxedo?!! Once I gave it a try, I couldn’t get off! I used it to make different themes for each of my children. Some shapes didn’t quite suit the words I was using and I noticed you needed to stand back from the screen a bit to get the full effect of the shape. I wish I could use it on the iPad, although I’d probably spend too much time creating clouds and not doing housework :-/!

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