I Write Words

This app review is brought to you by Cam and Tyler.

iWriteWell is a spelling and handwriting app that is best suited to younger grades.

Things We Like:
* You can write the letter that shows up
* You can play the alphabet song and learn the letters in the alphabet
* You can trace inside the letter and the crab shows you which way to trace
* It shows you a picture of the word you have spelt

Things We Would Change:
* Add more songs that help you learn how to spell words or about the letters in the alphabet
* Make it stricter when you write your letters. Sometimes it passes your letter even if you have not traced it carefully

We recommend this app for young grades and people learning to write letters correctly. It could also be helpful for people learning English as a second language. Most of the words are short words, have pictures to match and show you the order of how to write each letter.


Have you used this app before?  What did you think of it?


What other literacy apps do you like?


iPads & Puppet Pals

This term we started using our school iPads.  It’s lots of fun and a great way to learn new things.

For the past fortnight, each class has been exploring an app called Puppet Pals.  There is a free version and also a paid version.  The paid version costs $2.99 and we think it is excellent value for money.  It has more characters and backgrounds than the free version.  After all, you get what you pay for!

Puppet Pals is a story telling app that can be used on iPods, iPads and even iPhones.   Basically, you choose characters and backgrounds and then record a story.  When you record you can also move the characters around the stage and make them bigger or smaller.   It’s easy to use and suitable for all year levels.  You can also use your own photos for characters and backgrounds.



We think Puppet Pals is a super fun app that is also good for making narratives which make sense.  Try it today!

Have you used Puppet Pals before? 

What do you like about it?

What would you make a Puppet Pal about?