Tagxedo Website Review

Website review by ICT Captains

Tagxedo is a website that creates a picture using words. You can use Tagxedo for a lot of things like a mind map or describing something or how you feel. Basically, you can use it for anything!  It’s a great way to present information in a different way.

Simply type in a selection of words on a chosen topic, chose a shape to represent the words, experiment a bit with the colours and you’re done!

This is an example of one we made about I.C.T at our school.


It is a pretty easy site to use.  Sometimes it is tricky to find the right link, but if you have a bit of a play around you can work it out.

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What would you use Tagxedo for?

There are so many possibilities!

Build Your Wild Self!

This website review is proudly brought to you by ICT Captain Sam.

Build Your Wild Self is a really good for making fun pictures that you could use as a profile pic for Skooville or other things like that.

It is a great website for making characters or wallpaper. It lets you make a person that you can give all types of cool things, like wings, frog legs, gorilla arms and much more. You can save the photo on your desktop for backgrounds or send them to your friends.

This program is suitable and fun for all ages. I give it a 6.5/10. It could be a bit easier to get the photos and maybe add more poses.

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